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Friday, October 6, 2017

Tips for Taking Charge of Your Mental Health

As we come to the end of Mental Illness Awareness Week, which takes place the first week of October to raise awareness and end stigma surrounding mental illness, we’re reminded of the importance of carving out time each day to care for our mental health. 

Addiction recovery in itself is overwhelming and can seem impossible if you’re struggling with a dual diagnosis of substance use disorder and mental illness. The following tips, adopted from the National Alliance on Mental Illness, can help you or someone you love find emotional balance as you weather the ups and downs of recovery.
  • Set aside time for yourself. Whether you read a book, go for a walk or get a massage, scheduling some “me” time into your day can help safeguard your mental health.
  • Identify your triggers. Ask yourself what things/situations make you feel anxious or agitated and then figure out ways to avoid or cope when possible. 
  • Manage your time. Time management is a crucial skill for recovery and good mental health. By prioritizing your activities and making schedules, you can avoid feeling overwhelmed by everyday tasks and deadlines.
  • Get active: A recent landmark study found that just one hour of exercise can fend off depression. Whether you bike, jog or swim, the trick is to find what motivates you and then exercise will never feel like “working out,” notes the NAMI.
  • Eat right. People who eat a nutrient-dense diet have been found to be happier, according to NAMI. This means making an effort load up on fruits, vegetable, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean meats, poultry, fish, eggs, beans and nuts; limit fats and sugars; and drink plenty of water.
  • Prioritize sleep. Troubled sleep and poor mental health can turn into a vicious cycle, says the NAMI. For instance, someone with an anxiety disorder may feel too anxious to sleep and this could leave them frazzled the next day and increase levels of anxiety. 
  • Practice relaxation. Try deep breathing, yoga or meditation — whatever helps you step away from tension, quiet the mind and focus on the now.
Holistic Treatment for Dual Diagnosis
Complete Harmony is a CARF-accredited facility offering integrated therapeutic, holistic and medical support for clients dealing with co-existing addiction and mental illness. Our team of therapists and practitioners creates personalized treatment plans for substance abuse and mental health management, and our experience with mental illness is broad and deep. To learn more, call today: 866-930-4673.

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