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Thursday, December 17, 2020

Best Gifts for People New to Recovery

Only a few shopping days remain until Christmas, and you might still be looking for the best gifts for everyone on your “nice” list. It can be especially challenging to select presents for people who are recovering from substance abuse issues. If someone you care about is in the early stages of addiction recovery, how can you spread holiday cheer without triggers? Here are some gift ideas you can use.

1. Inspirational Books

Many people who successfully overcame addiction issues have published inspirational books about their journey. If your loved one is a bookworm, you can give them the gift of reading this holiday season with a memoir that reminds them they aren’t alone and inspires them to keep working toward their goals.

2. Exciting New Experiences

People in active addiction often lose sight of previously enjoyable activities because drinking or drug use becomes their top priority. Now that your loved one is clean and sober, show them how rewarding life can be by taking them ziplining or skydiving. If they’re not thrill-seekers, arrange an afternoon at an outdoor ice rink or a cultural attraction like an art museum.

3. Online Classes

E-learning has flourished during the COVID-19 pandemic, so buying online courses for your loved one could be an excellent gift idea. Since boredom can be a significant relapse trigger, they’ll need activities that fill their spare hours, and learning something new is an excellent way to stay busy and expand their horizons without leaving home.

4. A Sober Getaway

The idea of vacationing without drugs and alcohol may be somewhat foreign to people who are new to recovery. You can make the most of this opportunity to help reinforce their new lifestyle by taking them on a sober getaway. Pick a destination and activities that will minimize the chance of encountering triggers, like a yoga retreat or a camping weekend.

5. A Pet

If your loved one is far enough into their recovery that they’re ready to take on the responsibility of being a pet parent, a companion pet can be an excellent gift for someone new to sobriety. Spending time with a pet can reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Dogs can encourage their humans to exercise more, since they benefit from going on daily walks. Pets also provide unconditional love and comfort. Many dogs and cats are intuitive enough to pick up on their humans’ mood and know when something isn’t right. Since taking care of a pet is a major commitment, ensure your loved one is ready and willing to look after another living being before following through on this gift idea.

Spreading Holiday Cheer Without Triggers

Armed with these gift ideas, you can make the holiday merry and bright by slipping the perfect present under the tree or into your loved one’s stocking. And, if someone you care about is caught in the cycle of addiction, consider giving them the gift of sobriety by researching treatment options for them. At Complete Harmony, we offer a holistic approach to addiction rehabilitation and non-12-step programming tailored to each client’s unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.
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