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Friday, October 20, 2017

Learning to Say No to Stay Sober

A big part of staying sober is learning how to say no – no to drugs, no to just one drink, no to that date with a person you know isn’t right for you, no to that party that might serve as a trigger – and the list can go on and on. You might also need to exercise the power of no when it comes to work, family and social commitments – so you don’t burnout or overtax yourself.

We’ve talked in the past about the power of saying “no.” To recap: It can help you to identify what brings you joy and relaxation and what causes stress and drains your reserves during recovery. It can help you choose your friends and supports and, perhaps most importantly, it can help you focus on your recovery.

Saying no doesn’t mean that you're being rude, selfish, or unkind – but it does mean that you’re choosing to put yourself and recovery first. And, right now, that’s an important goal for sobriety. 

Hints for Saying No
Tiny recently published an article with some helpful hints for saying “no” – here we take a look at some of their best tips: 
  • Be direct but polite. For example, say: “No, I can’t. But thanks for asking.” 
  • Don’t feel the need to apologize or give multiple excuses.
  • Don’t lie. Lying is never encouraged and it can lead to guilt.
  • Remember this: It’s better to say no now than to feel resentful later.
  • Practice saying no. Imagine a scenario and then practice saying no either by yourself or with a friend. 
  • Remind yourself that your self-worth does not depend on how much you do for other people.
And, it’s worth repeating, now is the time to focus on your health, recovery and lasting sobriety.

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