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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Popular Alternatives to 12-Step Treatment

Because Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the oldest and best-known solutions for people seeking to break the cycle of addiction, it’s become synonymous with recovery in some people’s minds. However, if you are exploring drug and alcohol rehabs for yourself or a loved one, you should know that 12-step programs like AA and NA aren’t your only choice.

No two people are alike, which means recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. While many people have discovered success in following the 12-step model, you may find a different treatment method resonates more with you. Knowing you have the power to customize your sobriety journey can give you the confidence to find a solution that fully suits your needs.

Reasons to Explore Alternatives to 12-Step Treatment

Why might you want to consider options other than the traditional 12-step path to addiction recovery?
  • You prefer to take a holistic approach to your overall health and well-being.
  • You’re seeking a secular alternative to the faith-based 12-step method.
  • You are returning to treatment after experiencing a relapse.
  • You have a dual diagnosis of addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder.
  • You’re looking for therapies that help you uncover and address the root cause of your self-destructive behavior.
  • You want a more flexible approach that allows you to choose between different treatment modalities.
  • You appreciate the option to participate in complementary therapies like massage, yoga and acupuncture as part of your rehabilitation.
  • You believe addiction treatment should empower and enlighten you.
  • You know your past doesn’t define your future.

You Have Other Options

If you aren’t religious, you might struggle to connect with the 12 steps because they specifically require you to surrender to a higher power. Though the program doesn’t necessarily dictate that your higher power must be a deity, you might still prefer a treatment option rooted in science instead of faith. Alternative addiction treatments like SMART Recovery and psychotherapy teach people with substance use disorders that they have the innate ability to overcome their addictions and live an independent, fulfilling life.

Overcoming an addiction involves not only committing to significant lifestyle changes, but also thinking differently about yourself and your relationships. Negativity is one common characteristic of addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavioral therapy have proven highly effective for addiction treatment because they teach people to change their thoughts and habits.

Hybrid Addiction Treatment in California

At Complete Harmony, we believe the most effective addiction treatment program is one tailored to meet your unique needs. If you prefer a faith-based approach, we will use the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as the foundation of your recovery. However, if you aren’t religious and believe you’d benefit more from secular, research-based treatment methods, we leave that choice in your hands.

Our hybrid addiction treatment program relies on a synthesis of proven therapeutic modalities that teach you how to manage your illness and heal – mentally, physically and spiritually. Connect with us today to learn more about your alternatives to 12-step treatment.
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