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Friday, January 27, 2017

Create Your Own Spiritual Ritual Today

Spirituality can be a crucial part of your long-term sobriety. Fewer cravings, increased hopefulness and less anxiety are just a few of the many study-proven recovery benefits. Being spiritual doesn’t have to mean being religious; it’s about connecting to the world around you and believing in something bigger than yourself. 

One way to cultivate spirituality into your everyday is to come up with your own spiritual rituals –and they don’t have to be complicated. It may even be something you’re already doing. The point, however, is to bring consciousness to whatever repetitive acts you do choose. 

According to Time magazine, Ben Franklin woke up every morning and asked himself: “What good will I do today?” and each night, he asked: “What good did I do today?” This simple yet powerful ritual brought intention to his life and his actions. 

What will work for you? Here are a few suggestions to get your mind and spirit working: 

Perform personal affirmations. Whether chanted out aloud or jotted in a journal, daily affirmations can help cultivate spiritual growth and a greater sense of self. Try a few upon waking or prior to shut-eye: 
  • I can handle the recovery tasks ahead of me.” 
  • “I will be my best self today.” 
  • “Today is a new day filled with hope.”
Make meaningful connections. Something as simple as a weekly social gathering or phone call with a close friend can become a sacred ritual. And the same goes for volunteer work or support group meetings. Just showing up and being able to help someone else can nourish your spirit.

Tap into your artistic side. Take time each day to do something that you enjoy that’s creative. By feeding your creativity you’ll be feeding your spirit. Some ideas:

  • Color
  • Write a poem
  • Cook
  • Knit
  • Sing 
  • Dance
Carve out quiet time. This will give your brain and spirit some much-needed breathing room – to think and reflect on the past, present and future and to assess who you are and who you want to become.

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