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Thursday, February 25, 2016

3 Reasons Why Men Should Do Yoga

reason men should do yoga addiction recoveryWhile more men realize yoga’s proven benefits, the majority of classes are still filled with women. It seems the stigma around yoga as a women’s activity is alive and well.

The truth is, yoga is good for everyone: men, women, and students; couch potatoes and athletes; workaholics and free spirits. It is especially wise for recovering addicts to practice yoga since it has been found to reduce stress, improve circulation, and encourage inner peace.

If you are a male client in addiction recovery and are hesitant to dive into yoga classes, consider the following proven benefits. They may aid in your rehabilitation and help you develop a lifelong fitness and meditation practice that you can rely on when you are stressed or tempted to relapse.

3 Benefits of Yoga for Men
While the list of yoga benefits is long, there are a few major advantages for men recovering from alcoholism or drug addiction.

1. Yoga helps you achieve a state of relaxation & meditation. Whether you use your yoga time to pray, develop an inward focus, or simply listen to your breathing, your yoga practice eases muscle tension, lowers anxiety levels, and reduces production of cortisol (a stress hormone). Holistic stress relief is a critical part of dealing with relapse triggers and the physical and psychological symptoms of addiction recovery. Yoga has also been shown to increase circulation and lower blood pressure, resulting in reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.

2. Yoga improves mental clarity & concentration. If you feel like you are still suffering from a drug-induced fog, yoga can help. As your body heals and you intensify your practice, you will be called to center yourself and “find joy” during yoga. Through an increase in serotonin (the “happiness hormone”), you will enjoy improved mood and a focus on the moment. Over time, your yoga practice will help you achieve clarity in other parts of your life—not just during exercise. This clarity helps you keep sobriety goals at the top of mind, and allows you to focus on your recovery priorities in a way you were unable to, before.

3. Yoga is a physical & intellectual challenge that keeps you young. As you search for new pastimes that don’t revolve around drinking and drugs, yoga fits the bill. From restorative to power yoga, there are many class options to challenge every individual in every physical condition. In yoga, you will develop a strong mind-body connection and learn to challenge yourself in healthy ways. And, when you continue your practice into old age, your body will perform as if it is younger! 

Southern CA Addiction Treatment for Men
During residential treatment at Complete Harmony’s facility, you have the opportunity to engage in holistic therapies like yoga, massage, and acupuncture. Helping men and women rebuild their lives after the ravages of addiction, our admissions counselors can be reached at 866.930.4673.

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