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Monday, March 27, 2017

Bad Day, No Problem!

Its better to have a bad day while youre sober than a good one while youre using! Still, knowing this doesnt necessarily make it easier to handle those no good horrible days that are bound to happen while in recovery. What will help, however, is a few simple strategies to make you feel empowered to muddle through. 

Start with these seven ideas: 
  • Create a positive spin. Take a few minutes to focus on something positive that happened today – and then remind yourself that things could always be worse. 
  • Put it to paper What specifically made your day so bad – an argument with a loved one or a stressful day at work? Write it down, recognize it and then try to just let it go! 
  • Get moving. Work out those frustrations with a brisk walk or long hike – but if you find yourself ruminating on negative events, be sure to refocus those thoughts. 
  • Inhale slowly. A simple breath is a great way to stay calm. Inhale slowly and exhale as you let your troubles blow away.  
  • Get cleaning. Many people find inner peace by having outer order. Try it: Take a few minutes and tackle one junk drawer. 
  • Escape the healthy way. Get lost in a good book or funny movie and lose your day! A healthy distraction may be just what you need to de-stress and unwind.
  • Reach out for support. Retreating into isolation is never the answer; though it may be tempting to do so. Instead, call a friend or loved one who can help talk you down from your day or at least provide a positive distraction. 

Caring for Your Mental Health
Having co-occurring psychiatric disorders can make it even more difficult to weather those bad days. At Complete Harmony, we address the unique needs of our clients and give them the tools needed to sustain a healthy mind, body, and spirit during recovery and beyond. Learn more: 866-930-4673.

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