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Monday, June 19, 2017

How to Find Everyday Happiness

If you’re in early recovery, you’ve likely heard of the concept of the “pink cloud,” or intense feelings of elation and happiness felt by many in early sobriety. While beginning a brand-new sober life may very well be the best feeling you had in years (and it should be) – you’ll likely also need to deal with some curve balls and negative emotions along the way. Recovery is hard work and you may feel tired, discouraged and deflated at times. 

To stay the sober path, it’s a good idea to have a few healthy strategies to overcome these high and lows. Learning to focus on the positive and find joy in each day will help you to find happiness in sobriety. Here's how. 

Seek opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering can certainly boost your mood – think about how great it feels to really make a difference and help someone else – and it can also help you meet like-minded friends. Some groups and places that need volunteers:
  • Homeless shelters and soup kitchens
  • Animal shelters
  • Convalescent homes
  • Charitable organizations (ie Salvation Army, Goodwill) 
Try something new. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn another language or take a cooking class and you never had a chance to try it. Now is the time to gift yourself with the joy and confidence that comes with learning a new skill. 

Hang out with positive pals. Our recent blog, “Making Friends for Good Health,” outlined some of the numerous health benefits of having a few really good friends. But the real gems are those optimistic, upbeat pals that always seem to cheer you up, rally behind you and leave you feeling better about yourself.

Find your own fun. A playful spirit is a powerful recovery tool. Your new sober world is full of amazing experiences and possibilities to enjoy yourself and reconnect with others. Start with a few activities you used to enjoy as a kid – whether playing Frisbee in the park or heading to the movie theater.

Find Happiness in Sobriety 
Have you been using drugs and alcohol to achieve fleeting moments of happiness? Are you seeking a more lasting, healthy sense of well-being? If so, the holistic therapies at Complete Harmony can show you the way to a more meaningful and satisfying life. To learn more, call today: 866-930-4673.

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