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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

A Surprising New Reason to Quit Smoking Cigarettes

Thinking of adding quitting smoking to your list of recovery to-dos? Kicking nicotine has been study-proven to ease recovery from substance abuse disorder.

And if that’s not reason enough, a recent study published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research says that people who give up cigarettes are more likely to make new friends — adding at least two new non-smoking pals to your social circle, according to researchers.

About 17 percent of the American population still smokes, so quitting makes you more socially acceptable to a much wider group of people — non-smokers, noted one of the study's authors, Megan Piper, an associate director of research at the University of Wisconsin Center for Tobacco Research.

More Incentives to Kick Nicotine
  1. Food will taste better: Quitting smoking helps your taste buds work better and also restores your sense of smell, which is important since the aroma of food contributes to the pleasures of eating. While most smokers aren’t even aware that their sense of taste has diminished, people who quit are often pleasantly surprised by the many flavors they’ve been missing.
  2. You’ll be in a better mood: One study that tracked symptoms of depression in people trying to quit smoking found that people were never happier than when they were kicking the habit and remaining free from smoking.
  3. You’ll be less anxious: How can you possibly cope with the stress of recovery without taking a long drag on a cigarette to calms your nerves? Well, you can, and in fact quitting may even help decrease anxiety over the long term, according to a study in the journal Addiction
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