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Monday, January 11, 2016

Making Motivation a Way of Life

keys to staying motivated in addiction recoveryIt’s January and evidence of the holidays is disappearing fast. The tree is down and the lights and Christmas wrapping paper are packed away until next year. New Year’s revelry and resolutions are already forgotten. Take time to breathe a sigh of relief. You were prepared, you followed your plan, and you made it through the parties and family get-togethers without relapsing into your addiction. 

Now you are faced with staying motivated for the long haul. Living a sober life is an ongoing process that requires constant and active participation. These six tips will help you stay motivated and fully engaged in life - throughout the year.

6 Keys to Staying Motivated in Recovery 

1. Try to achieve emotional balance. Part of addiction is a desire to change your emotions. If you’re in emotional pain, you think you can take a drink and dull it instantly. Remember that emotions can and do pass without the instant gratification offered by alcohol and drugs.

2. Strengthen your coping mechanisms. You are always encountering new situations in life, and many of them require new coping skills. Empower yourself by periodically reviewing the triggers and strategies you learned in rehab.

3. Stay positive and actively involved in life. Exercise, take up new interests, and stay in contact with sober friends. Have recovery goals and try to achieve them.

4. Practice mindfulness and gratitude. Keep a journal and meditate. These practices will help you handle stress and deal with your feelings and thoughts objectively.

5. Continue therapy and support. Take a refresher course in sober living or continue to attend meetings. Renewing your commitment to recovery will help you stay the course.

6. Look beyond yourself. Volunteer or become a sponsor to someone who is new to recovery. Share your experiences, and in doing so, strengthen yourself.

Continue these practices and you will be rewarded with growing strength, motivation, and joy as you continue your life in sobriety!

Non-Conventional Approach to Recovery 
If you have had trouble staying in recovery, or if traditional drug and alcohol treatment is not for you, Complete Harmony may be the treatment facility you have been looking for. Our holistic and alternative modalities are designed to enhance treatment and help you achieve a sober and more harmonious life. Call 866-930-4673 to begin the admissions process. A new and sober life awaits you at our beautiful CA seaside center.
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