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Friday, October 30, 2015

Dual Diagnosis: Body Dysmorphic Disorder & Addiction

dual diagnosis: body dysmorphic disorder addiction treatmentFew of us are 100% satisfied with what we see in the mirror, but those with body dysmorphic disorder fixate on what they perceive as “flaws” in their appearance. Finding these traits hideous, disgusting, and even unforgivable, those with body dysmorphia become desperate to change their appearance or hide their body from others. In some cases, men with BDD become addicted to anabolic steroids that they use to bulk up and enhance their physique. Women with BDD may depend on stimulant medications or appetite suppressants that they believe will deliver a perfect body. At times, individuals with BDD drink or use drugs simply to escape the devastating pain caused by feelings of fear and inadequacy.

At Complete Harmony, we specialize in dual-diagnosis treatment for men and women suffering from mental illness and drug or alcohol addiction. Co-occurring disorders go hand-in-hand, and must be treated together to be treated successfully.

Symptoms of a Body Dysmorphic Disorder Dual Diagnosis 

While it can occur in anyone, BDD is typically an early-onset disease with most clients presenting in their 20s. Soon, they become obsessed with minor or imagined body image issues—which eventually take over their lives. Symptoms include:

• Preoccupation with perceived flaws in breasts, face, hair, veins, or other body parts
• Belief that their body is misshapen and even “monstrous”
• Obsession with looking in the mirror
• Scratching skin or picking at scars & scabs
• Compulsive diet & exercise
• Social withdrawal
• Severe anxiety or depression
• Becoming addicted to plastic surgery
• Drinking or using drugs to escape negative feelings
• Suicidal thoughts

Experience Dual-Diagnosis Therapy at Complete Harmony 

If you or someone you love is battling body dysmorphia and addiction, it is critical to seek knowledgeable support and begin a recovery program. Treatment may include behavioral modification therapy, antidepressants, self-help groups, holistic treatment, and group or individual counseling. At Complete Harmony, our multi-modal program is tailored to the unique needs of clients caught in the grip of BDD or other illnesses beyond their control. Using traditional and alternative therapies, we care for patients from detox through relapse prevention planning—and beyond.

Learn to love yourself again. At Complete Harmony, you’ll experience non-judgmental, compassionate dual-diagnosis treatment with a proven addiction recovery success rate. Dial 866.930.4673 to begin the admissions process or share your confidential concern today.
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