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Friday, December 11, 2015

Count Down the New Year with Recovery in Mind

new years resolutions addiction recoveryOnce again, it’s time to sing “Auld Lang Syne” and bid farewell to the past year. Whether you have been in recovery for many years, or for just a few months, this is a time for reflection and celebration: reflection on your recovery accomplishments during 2015, and celebration of the opportunities that await you in a sober 2016.

And the Countdown Begins!

5. Be thankful.
Make a list of sobriety’s blessings: “I’m getting treatment for my mental health disorder.” “My children are starting to trust me again.” Gratitude will help you keep wonder and appreciation in your life.

4. Take stock of your recovery resources and tune up your toolkit.
Have you encountered situations in sobriety that you didn’t feel comfortable handling? Consult a rehab expert or join a therapy group. Anticipating problems and knowing how to get help will help keep you on track.

3. Give yourself credit for a job well done.
People are always quick to criticize themselves for their failings, but they rarely take notice of what they do right. As 2015 ends, make a list of small recovery victories you have had. “I’ve gone 6 days without a drink.” “I spoke for the first time at group therapy.” Acknowledgement of these positive actions reinforces your belief that you can lead a successful sober life.

2. Share your story.
Do you remember the help and inspiration you received as you began your recovery? Were there books that held special meaning for you? Did a sponsor help you when you were struggling? Find an opportunity to support or inspire someone else who is trying to escape addiction.

1. Plan new challenges to meet in 2016.
In addiction, you desire only the substance that steals your health and joy of living. In sobriety, a world of possibilities opens up for you. New experiences, better health, a wider circle of friends await you. Set some goals and then take small and steady steps to achieve them. Perhaps you’d like to train for advancement at work. Or maybe you’d like to run a marathon, or learn to dance.

Enjoy your recovery! Happy 2016! 

Start Your Sober Life with Complete Harmony
Deciding to seek a sober life and entering rehab is a big step, but it must be followed by many small steps if recovery is to last. At Complete Harmony, we can help you progress along your journey, from comfortable detox through hybrid treatment to lifelong holistic practices like meditation and yoga. If you are starting the New Year with a resolution to begin life without addiction, call 866-930-4673 to speak with a Complete Harmony recovery advisor and begin the enrollment process today.
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