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Monday, November 30, 2015

Resisting Cravings During Addiction Recovery

resisting cravings addiction recoveryIf you are recovering from substance abuse and have been working your way through SMART Recovery, you know that “Coping with Urges and Cravings” is Point 2 of the program. Everyone who has struggled with addictive behaviors understands the power of cravings. At times, they are so intense that they can cause you to lose focus on your sobriety goals altogether. If you fear that you won’t be able to fend off the next urge to drink or use, remember that cravings are normal. Normalizing these uncomfortable desires can help you realize that they won’t last forever.

4 Ways to Beat a Craving
According to the SMART Recovery program, there are dozens of ways to deal with addiction urges. Consider these sample strategies offered by SMART Recovery UK next time you feel compelled to drink or use:

Delay. We are more likely to give into temptation when we allow a craving to hold our attention. The urge to use drugs may come from exposure to a place, a person, or a bad feeling, but the key to overcoming it is removing the stimulus and riding out the craving. Urges pass when you choose not to give in. Over time, you will have fewer cravings—and they will become more manageable. Stay strong in the meantime.

Escape. It stands to reason that if you are in a threatening situation, you should leave. The same is true for cravings. When your sobriety is on the line, take action. Change the television channel, leave the party, or avoid shopping in stores that sell alcohol. Escape the trigger that is tempting you and focus on something else.

Substitute. When cravings come on fast, be prepared to shift gears. Have a list of activities that you substitute for drinking or using. These may include exercise, reading, music, massage, or yoga. The quicker you are able to deploy a substitute activity, the lower the chances of giving into an unhealthy urge.

Accept. Put substance urges into perspective and learn to accept discomfort as you travel through the recovery process. Remember that cravings won’t kill you. Instead, they present an opportunity for you to overcome them and experience growth in your sobriety journey. With each craving you combat, you become more able to deal with the next one.

Complete Harmony Helps You Say “No” to Cravings
Complete Harmony is a non-traditional drug and alcohol recovery program offering SMART Recovery training, among other options. Empowering clients to achieve and maintain sobriety through non-12-step and holistic therapies, we help you find the inner strength you need to become your very best you. To begin fighting cravings and discover the freedom that comes with taking charge of your sober lifestyle, call 866.930.4673 today. Our compassionate team members are waiting to take your call and begin the admissions process.
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