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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Empowering Change with SMART Addiction Recovery

SMART addiction recovery rehab CAAt Complete Harmony, we partner with clients seeking to fuel their recovery success with non-traditional, non-12-step programs. One of our program offerings, SMART Recovery® (Self-Management and Recovery Training), helps people recover from cocaine addiction, prescription drug addiction, gambling addiction, alcohol addiction, pornography addiction, chemical dependency, and other destructive behaviors by providing the tools for self-directed change. During your SMART experience, you may participate in face-to-face and online meetings, 24/7 chat rooms and forums, and other recovery support opportunities.

What makes SMART Recovery® different from 12-step programs? 

• SMART Recovery provides a groundwork of evidence-based addiction science to help participants take control of themselves and abandon destructive, self-defeating behaviors. The science of addiction is a critical part of the SMART Recovery plan. The program is a secular alternative to AA, NA, and similar 12-step programs, and it continually evolves as addiction research evolves.

• While participants may embrace spirituality on their own, the SMART Recovery program does not focus on religious or spiritual beliefs. Instead, it emphasizes that real change lies in self-empowerment.

• You will not have a sponsor in SMART Recovery, and are encouraged to avoid labels like “addict” or “alcoholic.”

• You will talk with one another rather than to one another during SMART Recovery meetings. The SMART Recovery program encourages dialogue as part of the learning process, but participants are not pressured to participate.

SMART Recovery’s 4-Point Program 

SMART Recovery teaches men and women a four-point program, offering support and teaching tools for each point. The four points include:

1. Building & maintaining motivation to abstain from addictive behaviors.
2. Coping with urges and cravings.
3. Problem solving through rational management of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors.
4. Achieving lifestyle balance by learning to balance short-term and enduring pleasures and satisfactions.

Smart Recovery Program at Complete Harmony

SMART Recovery is ideal for men and women seeking an alternative to 12-step approaches, which may not align with their spiritual values, personal beliefs, or recovery objectives. The Complete Harmony team will help you determine if the Self Management for Addiction Recovery plan is right for you, and will help you join a community of individuals seeking a self-reliant approach to treatment. To learn more about our other alternative therapies and non-12-step plans, call 866.960.4673 today!
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