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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Making Peace with Addiction

“What happens to a man is less significant than what happens within him.” 
-       Louis Mann

Addiction or no, life will always be difficult in some way. We’ll face consequences resulting from poor decisions, health conditions that are out of our control, overwhelming relationship conflicts, and career decisions that keep us up at night. If we’re not careful, peace can elude us—and life can seem relentless. But, when we seek inner peace, even the most burdensome problems seem more manageable.

As addicted individuals, there are a few ways we need to make peace:

  1. With ourselves. With time, therapy, and mindful meditation, we can learn to forgive ourselves for the bad choices that led us down the road to substance abuse. Learning this now is important, because there will be missteps later—and you’ll need to give yourself grace. 
  2. With addiction. Addiction is an equal-opportunity destroyer. It did not “target you” specifically. Remember that you are accountable for your decisions, and that addiction cannot destroy you once you decide to fight.  
  3. With family and friends. Whether you’ve been addicted for months or years, you’ve burned bridges. You’ve hurt loved ones. You’ve ruined relationships. Once you are sober enough to recognize this, it’s time to make amends, develop healthy boundaries, and work to rebuild trust.

How to Embrace Peace on Your Addiction Journey

Learning to be at peace with yourself and others is a marathon, not a sprint. Your therapist will work with you to achieve these goals over time, but it may take awhile. At first, most of your energy during treatment goes toward educating yourself about addiction and staying clean for short periods of time. When the time comes to revisit your peace and happiness, consider:

-       Engaging in regular mind-body exercise, acupuncture, massage, and other holistic practices. These complementary modalities help you to release tension physically and emotionally so you can feel at peace. At first, it may be fleeting peace. But, as you learn to concentrate and center yourself, it will last longer.
-       Attending family counseling. Addiction is a family disease, and many people are suffering. Having a trained, unbiased counselor to help can facilitate healing and encourage cleansing dialogue.
-       Working to let go of regret. Yes: You made bad choices; you put your addiction ahead of your loved ones. But holding onto regret will only keep you in bondage. Tell yourself things like, “I can change. I am taking steps to heal. I made mistakes, but I can also make amends.”  

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery in California

At Complete Harmony, we help you learn to be at peace as you pursue the day-to-day challenges of sobriety. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs include evidence-based holistic therapies, counseling, and family therapy, and we are hear to support you from your first phone call to your customized aftercare program. Click here to begin the admissions process.  

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