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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Binaural Beats: Technology Meets the Ancient Art of Meditation

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Meditation is widely used in drug and alcohol rehab programs as a supportive therapy for reducing stress and anxiety naturally. Proven by centuries of practice and by recent scientific studies, it provides mental, physical, and spiritual benefits that are especially important to someone in recovery. These include:

• Decreased anxiety & stress
• Calming of internal dialogue
• Relaxation & restfulness
• Increased energy & awareness
• Improved focus & mood

Meditation Is Easy to Learn, But…

Even beginners can reap benefits from meditation, but achieving the profound brainwave changes of deep meditation takes concentration, dedication, and usually many years of daily practice. That’s a challenge that is often too much for busy Americans.

Now there is an alternative.

An audio technology that has been around for 75 years is now being combined with neural-science to produce programs that induce the same brainwaves as deep meditation. Here’s how it works:

1. The listener uses stereo earphones to listen to an audio track of relaxing music, ocean waves, gentle rain, or musical chimes.
2. The stereo soundtracks actually contain binaural tones, which are delivered separately to each ear at slightly different frequencies.
3. The listener does not consciously hear the difference in tones; instead the brain synchronizes the sounds into a third tone.

The ability of the brain to synchronize electrical patterns is at the heart of this neural-audio technology. Embedded binaural sound patterns can induce the brain to produce different wavelengths and even to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain. These are the same changes that occur in people who have spent many years perfecting meditation techniques.

Relax, Listen & Feel Better

Like meditation, binaural beats technology is not a cure for the stresses of modern living, including substance abuse. But for those who are having trouble with the focus and time required by traditional meditation, it is an effective and easy way to achieve similar results. Just put in your ear buds, sit back in the recliner, and let your brain do the work.

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