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Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Lies Addicts Tell

Dependence upon drugs and alcohol nearly always spirals into a destructive pattern of dishonesty. Telling lie upon lie to cover up an addiction, lying becomes almost automatic. At times, overcoming habitual dishonesty can be as difficult as overcoming addiction, itself.

Lying to Others

Addicted individuals are dishonest to their friends, relatives, coworkers, and bosses for many reasons:

  • To avoid the consequences of their addiction. They may weave an intricate web of lies to avoid getting fired from a job, kicked out of their home, or cut off financially.
  • To obtain drugs and alcohol. The craving for addictive substances causes addicts to say and do almost anything to gain access to drugs and alcohol.
  •  To get loved ones to leave them alone. Addicted people use lies and manipulation to keep friends and family from nagging them about their addiction. 

Lying to Self

Lies help drug and alcohol users live in denial of their addiction. By justifying their behavior, addicts avoid the challenges and vulnerability that come with treatment and life change. Some of the most common lies-to-self include:

 I need drugs and alcohol to relax. Drinking alcohol routinely to “de-stress” or escape can quickly lead to dependency and tolerance.
 I don’t need professional help. Recovering from drug and alcohol addiction does not just require willpower. It requires therapy, evidence-based treatment programs, and professional guidance. When you tell yourself that you “don’t need help” getting clean and sober, the truth is often that you’re not ready to give up drugs.
 I can stop drinking or using anytime I want to. This is the most dangerous lie of all. If you have developed a physical and psychological dependence on addictive substances, you need help.

Honesty in Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Hiding behind a fa├žade, lying to others, and lying to oneself are hallmarks of addiction. The first step toward recovery is being brutally honest with yourself and others. It may sound something like this: “My life is out of control. I am inflicting harm upon others and myself. I can’t fix this on my own.” At Complete Harmony, our team of credentialed clinicians teaches you the power of honesty and surrender as you take your first steps toward transformation. To learn more about our facility, speak with an admissions counselor, or inquire about insurance coverage, call 866.930.4673 today.   
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